Eiffel Tower Levels​

Eiffel Tower Levels

The tour begins on the esplanade, where you go through the entrance and begin to ascend the iron structure. You’ll climb up the tower by its legs, they house the elevators and stairways. You can find the information desk in the West pillar, there you can take leaflets about the Eiffel Tower or clarify doubts of any kind.

How to get to the top?

There are two ways to go up to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower: taking the stairs (for € 10.40 per adult) or riding one of the two elevators (for € 16.60 per adult). Contrary to what many think, the stairs have their advantages because this path allows you to see first hand the complexity of the construction. However, tickets are not available online and you’ll have to buy them personally at the tower’s ticket offices. Climbing up to the second level by foot might take 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your physical condition.

Top level

So, you’ve finally reached the top of the Tower, 276 m above the ground!

You can see the roofs of the city from here, cars circulating in the distance, breeze hitting your face. Enjoy and feel the magic that has inspired numerous novels and poems and songs, see the colors that painters have been trying to portrait for the past century. This view might help you understand why Paris is the scene of so many stories of love, heartbreak, adventures, emotions, and revolutions. The feeling is worth the climb!

Right on the top is the Champagne Bar, where you can enjoy a glass of French champagne any time of the day, take a deep breath, and enjoy this wonderful experience.

To get to the top of the Iron Lady, you’d have to take the elevators from the second floor. There are stairs, but these are closed for security reasons.

Second Level

Last stop before the top!

The second level of the Eiffel Tower is an inner landmark of the Iron Lady. At this point in the climb, you’ll be 115 m. from the ground, high enough to see the city unfold under your feet in all its splendor.

The second floor has big galleries where you can walk in peace, even when there’s a lot of people around, and enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking view: The Seine meandering in the distance, Montmartre taking care of the city from above, the Louvre standing out on the horizon.

The second floor also offers an unparalleled experience for the palate, as it houses the famous restaurant Jules Verne, owner of a Michelin Star, where you can have a meal made on one of the most exclusive kitchens of the city.

Finally, you will find typical and fast French snacks at The Macaroon Bar, gift shops to take a souvenir of your tour and rest spaces for the whole family.

To get there you have two options: the stairs or the elevator. In the first case, you’ll have to buy the tickets personally on the ticket’s office outside the tower and then, climb 674 steps to reach this point. The elevator option is more comfortable: buy your tickets online and take a ride in one of the two available elevators.

First Level

The first level of the Eiffel Tower is one of the most exciting places in the entire city. It marks the first stop on the way to the top of the tower, and a recent remodeling has upgraded this open space under the monument into an exciting touring experience.

What can you see?

The first floor houses La Bulle Parisienne, open until spring 2020.

CinEiffel, an immersion show with video projections over 3 walls where you can see the whole history behind the tower and what made this construction possible.

It also has a cultural tour with photographs, videos, and objects that will give you a better picture of the historical construction of this monument. Curious fact: the first floor also keeps a section of the spiral staircase that Gustav Eiffel used at the beginning to get from here to the top of the tower, where he had his apartment. Amazing, right?

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